Berserker's Secret Mayhem Technique Inside The Cube

Berserker’s Secret Mayhem Technique Inside The Cube

Mayhem is one of the best engraving effects for Berzerker. This engraving gives an unlimited rage meter to Berserker in exchange for HP. However, the buff you receive for that HP is perfect. You will receive 15% movement speed and a 65% damage reduction. You can also spam your Z as long as you want. Here, I’ll explain Berserker’s secret mayhem technique that works inside the cube.

Now here is a drawback. You can leave the Mayhem mode by pressing “X”. You will receive some of your HP that way. However, the drawback is that you can not enter Mayhem mode in the next 30 seconds.

Berzerker Secret Mayhem Technique Inside Cube

This trick works inside any Cube. You can basically leave the Mayhem mode and avoid the cooldown. Basically, press X to exit the Mayhem mode and heal some HP, and press “Z” to activate Mayhem mode again. The way is- turn off Mayhem mode at the end of each stage of the cube, and you will see the Mayhem mode can be activated again. It basically refreshes your Z instantly. Or you can just press X when you see a few monsters in the cube and at the end, you will see that you can activate your “Z” again. There is no cooldown. This way you don’t need to use potions again and again. You can recover a decent amount of HP at the end of every stage of the cube.

Secret Mayhem technique
Secret Mayhem plan

Follow the video

You may find it a little bit harder to do at first. You need to press X just before the end of each stage and it will refresh the “Z” mode. So follow the video clip and practice it in the cube.

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