Best classes for beginners in Lost Ark

Best classes for beginners in Lost Ark

Most of the time for any kind of new RPG game we struggle to pick the right class for us. Lost Ark is one of the MMO ARPG that has a lot of classes. Each class is unique and fun to play. However, it is kind of hard to pick the right class since we don’t know a lot about it. In this article, I’ll explain which class you should play at what ping and why? And relax it isn’t like you will be stuck with one class because if you get hooked by Lost Ark then you’d want to play most of the other classes. Read the article properly to know the best classes for beginners in Lost Ark

At first, I’ll explain easy-to-play melee classes.


First up, Destroyer! This is a tank class that can absorb tons of damage with its unique shield mechanic and does a decent amount of damage. Some players might say that this class is a slow class, which is true. However, this class can pretty much show the middle finger to raid bosses and ignore incoming damages as it has a lot of shields. If you have high ping then you can close your eyes and pick this class without a second thought. In terms of survivability, this class is next to warlord. Moreover, this class has a lot of impairment in its skill. Remember this is a brain-dead class. A lot of players will accept a destroyer in their party because of its survivability and high-level impairment abilities. However, it also comes with drawbacks. Destroyer isn’t very good at 1 V 1 PVP as it doesn’t have very good mobility. However, a destroyer can be a very good tank in a 3 VS 3 PVP arena.


Next up is Berserker! This is another beginner-friendly high DPS class. Berserker isn’t as tanky as a destroyer but this class can dish out a lot of damage to the raid bosses. This class also got a high level of impairment in its skills. It can also absorb damage. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly easy to play high-DPS class then this is the one to go. It is okay in the 1v1 and 3v3 PVP arena as well. If you are looking for a little bit mobile high DPS class that is not super squishy then Berserker is the right class for you. Probably this is why this class is very popular with a lot of players.

Now, Let me introduce you to the easy to play range class


Scouter may not be a beginner-friendly class but it is a class worth playing and investing. This class uses a gun and a drone to dish out a decent amount of damage. This class can transform into an iron man. If you do damage or use abilities then you can recharge your reactor. After you fill-up the meter, you will be able to transform. This class can absorb damage in its “Z” mode or iron man mode since it gives a huge shield after the transformation. It is also a fun-to-play class that is worth investing in.


This is a debatable class. The reason I’m saying it is because people usually don’t pick this class just because it is not as mobile as other range classes. And some of its abilities are not instant. However, it is one of the high-DPS classes among the ranged classes. It can also absorb a decent amount of damage as well. It might not be fun to play class to you but remember this class will do more damage than any other ranged class and has better survivability and impairment than devil hunter and hawkeye. Devil hunter and Hawkeye have good mobility but they are very squishy.


Well, this class is not for high DPS or mobility. This is a support class. If anyone accepts a bard in their team then it means they want it just for the heal and huge shield. Bard plays a huge role in the raids. If there is a bard in the team then you can pretty much assume that it will not let you die as fast as you normally do. This is one of the most wanted classes for any raiding party as well as the cube. And it isn’t super hard to play this class.

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