Caspiel Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Caspiel Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Tortoyk continent has only one world boss. If you’ve just unlocked the area then you will not be able to solo this world boss. Make sure to call for help in the area chat.

Caspiel Spawn Location

Caspiel spawns in the Skyreach Steppe area of Tortoyk continent. Caspiel spawns in the center east side of Skyreach Steppe area. We’ve marked the Caspiel spawn location. You can not solo this boss at a low gear level. But there should be plenty of people who will help you to take down this boss because they need to defeat Caspiel too. Caspiel attacks as he walked over the players. Basically uses his leg to crush the players.

Spawn Time- Every 30 Minutes

Caspiel in Skyreach Steppe
Caspiel location in Skyreach Steppe

Things to remember while fighting Caspiel-

  • If you play a range class then dealing damage shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, if you are a melee class then you should look for his attack animation, or else you will take a lot of damage from Caspiel;
  • Always use potions because you will die from a few hits if you are at a lower level;
  • Other than a frontal attack, he also does a back attack where he falls over players and does a lot of damage. Always be careful because if you get caught, you will either die or take a lot of damage from Caspiel;
  • Even though Caspiel does a lot of damage, he is very slow. So always look out for the animation to avoid his attack;

After defeating Caspiel, you will get a lot of drops such as epic gears, accessories, a card, a treasure map as well an adventure book.

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