Casrick Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Casrick Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Casrick is the 2nd boss in the North Vern continent. Casrick is the evolved version of Rudric. He follows a similar attack pattern as Rudric. However, he hits harder than Rudric.

Casrick Spawn Location

Casrick spawns at the right side of the Balankar Mountains of the North Vern continent. To be specific near the Mountain Entrance. We’ve marked the location on the map. Unlike other world bosses, you can actually solo him but it will take forever to defeat him. So make sure to call for help in the area chat. Also, if you don’t see him immediately then make sure to switch between channels from the upper right option.

Spawn Time- Every 2 hours.

Casrick spawn location on the map

Things to remember when you fight Casrick-

  • Casrick follows a similar attack pattern as Rudric. If you’ve fought against Rudrick then it should be easier for you to remember his attack pattern;
  • Casrick is a slow attacker and most of his attack is easily dodgeable. So make sure to look for the animation of his attack;
  • Frontal Swing- Swings his scythe in front of him. Deals moderate damage;
  • AOE Attack- Casrick will summon a wide area poison circle. It deals a decent amount of damage but you should be able to dodge it as it shows the circle;
  • Poison Throw- Casrick will throw poison in front of him. It will apply poison and slow effect on the player;
  • Smash- Casrick will use his weapon and smash the ground in front of him. It does a decent amount of damage;

After defeating Casrick for the first time, you will get a loot box along with a few equipment and accessories. You will get a map, cards, equipment, accessories, engravings as well as an ability stone from the loot box.

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