Chaotic Chuo Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Chaotic Chuo Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Before you start doing Chaotic Chuo, make sure you do the normal Chuo. Or, else you won’t be able to do this boss. Also, remember, you will not be able to get the reward if you are not 360 gear score yet.

Chaotic Chuo Spawn Location

Chaotic Chuo spawns at the top side of the Melody Forest of the Anikka Continent. We’ve marked the Chaotic Chuo spawn location on the map. Chaotic Chuo follows the same attack pattern as the normal Chuo but this beast does way lot of damage and has a huge health bar compared to the normal Chuo.

Spawn Time- Unline normal world boss, this world boss does not spawn every 30 minutes. It spawns in 24-36 hours based on the in-game calendar. So make sure to view the notification slide bar.

Chaotic Chuo Spawn Location
Chaotic Chuo Spawn Location

Things you should remember while fighting Chaotic Chuo-

Chaotic Chuo have the same attack mechanic as the normal Chuo

  • AOE Attack- Three simultaneous ring attacks. If you get hit by one then you are guaranteed to get the next hit. So, try to avoid that because it will eat up your health bar;
  • Jump Attack- Makes a big jump and falls over the players. It deals heavy damage. If you are low then you will die instantly;
  • Straight Line Charge Attack- It is a frontal attack. You will see the line before Chaotic Chou charges at the direction;
  • Energy Ball attack- Charges up and throws out energy balls that deals damage to the players;
  • Rear Attack- Chuo leaps his body and smashes the ground and it spawns multiple purple portals in the ground that explodes and deals damage to his both rear side players;
  • Ground Smash attack- Chuo hacks two times side by side and the third time he unleashes a wide big smash in front of him;

You will get a lot of decent drops including T1 materials when you defeat this beast. But make sure you have a certain level before you start doing this event.

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