Chuo Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Chuo Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Anikka Continent has two world bosses. The first one is Chuo and another one is Chaotic Chuo. Here we’ve pinpointed Chuo spawn location on the map. And no! you can not kill it alone if you just unlocked the region.

Chuo Spawn Location

This beast spawns at the center-east side of Twilight Mists of Anikka Continent. Follow the image to go there. Chuo is a very strong beast compared to your previous world bosses. Chuo has a lot of attack patterns compared to the previous continent bosses as well.

Spawn Time- Every 30 minutes

Things you should know while fighting Chuo- Chuo is a strong beast. So, make sure to read his attack patterns to dodge them.

  • Jump attack- It is a frontal attack. Chuo basically jumps on the players, It does a lot of damage;
  • Breath attack- Chuo uses white breath in his front area;
  • Ground breath attack- Chuo starts to use the white flame breath in the ground and deals damage;
  • Wide area attack- This is an AOE attack. Chuo will basically attack in circle three times and each time the range of attack will increase;
  • Forward charge attack- This is a very normal attack. Chuo charges in the frontal direction;
  • Ground Smash attack- Chuo hacks two times side by side and the third time he unleashes a wide big smash in front of him;
  • Rear Attack- Chuo leaps his body and smashes the ground and it spawns purple portal in the ground that explodes and deals damage to his both rear side players;

Make sure to always use potions while fighting Chuo. And keep a support player in your party for defensive buffs. Most of his attacks do a lot of damage.

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