Gold Farming Guide for Lost Ark

Gold Farming Guide for Lost Ark

It is critical to know how to get gold currency in Lost Ark. You can do pretty much everything if you have enough gold. Whether you are a hard-core player or a gold seller, you need to know how to farm gold in Lost Ark. Because you need this currency to upgrade your gears. This is why we’ve made this Gold Farming Guide for Lost Ark. This is a very basic guide for gold farming. However, you should read it. Who knows? You might discover something new.

Chaos Dungeon

Yeah, I know. It might get boring while you do chaos dungeon every day but sometimes you might get a special stage in chaos dungeon that drops gold. For example- You might have to kill one big boss or hit a bounty hunter to get the gold drop with a bunch of other hardening materials. Another thing is, you can sell these hardening materials in the auction house to earn more gold.

Void Dungeon

The void dungeon can only be done once a week. The void dungeon drops a pretty good amount of gold and if you are very lucky, then you might get an expensive seal book that you can either use or sell in the auction house for gold. Either way, you’ll get a certain amount of gold through void dungeons. Currently, in Lost Ark RU, you can get 1500 gold from the Oreya’s Heart dungeon.


Argos is also a weekly based dungeon. If you can do phase one, phase two, and phase three, you will get around 3200 gold just from this dungeon. Well, if you are at a low gear score then you might not be able to do Argos raid but you can pay some gold to buy raid carry. Argos raid materials are necessary to make equipment after 1370 GS. So make sure you have enough materials to craft new pieces of equipment.

Daily & Weekly Quest

This is also one of the most common ways to get a good amount of gold. If you do the daily quests and weekly quests, you will be able to earn some Epona points. You can earn up to 70 points and redeem those points for Epona badges. You can then buy gold boxes using those Epona badges.

Raid Carry

This method is only possible if you have a high-gear character. You can carry people in the daily raids and void raids for gold. Usually, a lot of high-gear people follow this method when they also do the void dungeon. If your character is at 1415 GS, you should be able to solo the void dungeons in normal mode.


Cube is necessary for farming upgrading materials. However, you can’t sell those materials. What you can sell is the seal book. After finishing the cube, you will get a box that might drop an expensive seal book. You can either use it or sell it for gold in the auction house.

Chaos Gate

Chaos gate is pretty popular for farming gold. Each continent has its chaos gate which appears after a certain period. You are guaranteed to get a blue map after you finish the raid. But if you are lucky then you might get an epic or legendary map. You can also upgrade your blue map to an epic map. But you need multiple blue maps to do that. Also, make sure that you can do “Chaos Gate” multiple times but you will get the reward only one time per account. It means you can do it per account, not per character.

Island Event

Some island events also drop gold. However, if you are lucky then you might get an expensive seal book that you can sell in the auction house for gold. Just click on the upper left slider menu and hover your cursor over the events. You will be able to see where the events are, what is the required GS and what kind of drop you can expect from the event. Gold drop is kind of like RNG so these are not certain.

NPC Affinity

You can also get gold from NPC affinity. Please note that it is one time way to get a few amounts of gold. Basically, if you gift any items to the NPC then you will get affinity points for that NPC. After reaching a certain level, the NPC will give you a reward. Some of those rewards are gold.

Lifeskill Activities/ Crafting

Lifeskill activities are another way to farm gold. It can be pretty boring when you are doing lifeskill activities. However, you can farm materials and sell them for gold. Also, you can craft hardening materials in your estate and sell them in the auction house for profit. One of the easy ways to get the most gold out of lifeskill activities is to look for expensive life materials and farm for those. The same goes for hardening materials. Look in the auction house which item is expensive and then make those to sell them.

Alts/ Multiple Characters

Now, alts are important if you want to farm faster than average players. If you don’t know then read this article where I’ve explained the reasons to try multiple classes in Lost Ark. You can do most of the activities more times and get more gold in the process. For example, you can do chaos dungeon in your main character as well as in your secondary characters. You can get weekly Epona points faster if you have more characters. This way you can get good amount of hardening materials and gold.

That’s it. If you know any other way to get more gold, please share your ideas in the comment section below. Feel free to read our gold trading guide from here.

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