How to get the first and second awakening in Lost Ark

How to get the first and second awakening in Lost Ark

Awakening is also known as the ultimate skill in Lost Ark. Unlocking your awakening will let you do more damage to bosses or save your party members from bosses. Either way, you are going to need your class awakening. In this article, I’ll explain how to get the first and second awakening in Lost Ark.

First Awakening

To get your first awakening, first, you need to reach level 50 and keep doing the story. At one point, you will reach “North Vern”. In there, you need to complete the blue quest called “Afterimages of the Rift“. After that, you need to teleport to the “Trixion”. Use the song of trixion to teleport. Talk with “Beatrice”. She will give you a purple quest called “Awakening: Thirst of Power”. It is a small chain quest that requires you to go back to your previous continent East Luterra. You will get an item after completing all of the chain quests. You need to open your inventory and right-click on it to get your awakening along with a normal skill.

Awakening quest- Thirst for power
Quest Awakening- Thirst for power

At the end of the quest, you should be able to see the item in your inventory. I’ve given an image of these two items. The item name will change based on the class you are playing. As I was playing paladin, it was showing the name of my skill and the awakening.

Awakening and skill item
Awakening and skill item

Second Awakening

To get the second awakening, you must finish the main story of Rohendel. After finishing the blue quest of Rohendel, you will see a purple quest in the middle of Rohendel city. The quest name is “Journey: Strange Mail”. This quest will be available from the mail NPC. Accept this quest and proceed.

2nd awakening quest from mail NPC
2nd Awakening quest from mail NPC

Please note that this is a very long chain quest and you have to travel most of your previous continents. At first, you will get a song called “Song of Reminiscence”. You need to go to the previous continents and use this song. Again, you need to go to the island inside the dead sea. So, make sure your ship has enough durability. After completing all of the quests, you will get the awakening as a reward.

If you get stuck in the “The Wounded Pilgrim” quest inside Twilight Isle then just complete the purple quest inside that island and you will be able to do the quest.

2nd awakening inside inventory
2nd Awakening

Note that, you don’t need to complete the same process multiple times per character. You just have to go to Trixion and talk with the NPC. She will give you a very short quest called “Memories of the Journey”. After completing this quest you will get all the items sent to your mail. Now claim those items from your mail and open your inventory then right-click on that item and you will get the awakening. Good luck.

Alt character awakening quest
Alt Character Awakening Quest
Item sent to mail
Item sent to mail

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