How to reach level 50 faster in Lost Ark

How to Reach Level 50 Faster in Lost Ark

If you are one of those players who want to ignore the story and level up faster, then this article is just for you. In this article, I’ll explain how to reach level 50 faster in Lost Ark. The first thing you should know is which quest you can ignore and which quest you should not ignore. If your plan is to reach 100% of a certain continent then you should do all of the quests including the easy and hard levels of all dungeons.

What is the max level of Lost Ark?

Level 60 is the highest level you can reach in Lost Ark for now. However, you can unlock pretty much all of the endgame content once you reach level 50. To reach level 60 from level 50 is kind of difficult because you need a lot of XP to reach level 60. In this article, we will be focusing on how to reach level 50 faster.

Here are some tips for you-

Focus on your Main Quest- If your goal is to reach level 50 as soon as possible and unlock everything then you can ignore the slide quest. You will be able to reach level 50 just by doing the main quest. If you don’t know the quest type then feel free to read this small article. The main quest will give you a lot of XP compared to the yellow quest.

Play as a Party- It is better and you guys will share XP for killing the monster. If there is a sudden quest in the area then you can easily complete it if you are at a party. If the other guy completes it then you will also get the XP. Also, it is easy to clear a dungeon as a party.

Do The Dungeon in Normal Mode- You really don’t need to do the dungeon in Hard mode. Some players want to get high-level gears through the hard mode dungeon which is a waste of time because you will soon throw away all of your gears. You will get better gears. Also, you can do a dungeon alone. So if there are fewer players then don’t feel bad or wait for more players. Just go in the dungeon in normal mode.

Always Use Teleport Portals- I know some players want to save up the silver and travel from one place to another using mount. But it isn’t super expensive to travel using teleport portals. Besides, you will get more silver in the late game. So, make sure to capture all of the teleport portals in the area.

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