Important classes in Lost Ark

Important classes in the Lost Ark

There are classes in the Lost Ark that change the flow of raids and PVP. These classes are well-known for their crowd control ability, healing, and supporting allies. These classes may not do as much damage as a high-DPS class but these classes have lots of utility skills that can help the allies. In this article, we’ll discuss important classes in the lost ark.


Warlord is a super tanky class and tanks are always useful in PVE as well as PVP. In PVE a warlord can become an immortal tank just because of his shield. In terms of survivability, warlords will stay at the top tier. However, survivability isn’t the only thing a warlord is good at. Warlord is the master of crowd control. Because warlord is the only class that can “Taunt” any raid boss. This unique ability allows the warlord to interrupt any boss while it is preparing for an attack or focusing on other allies. A good warlord will always look for attacking animation and use his taunt to cancel it. This way he can save his allies from taking damage and let them do more damage instead of running to avoid damage.

This class is good in 3v3 PVP. He can basically pull and stun the enemies. This will give the other allies to finish off the enemies.


Bard is a support class that can buff and heal allies in PVP and PVE. This makes a bard an extremely useful class. In a raid, you can not use normal health potions. You need battle potions to heal yourself. Also, you can only use a limited number of potions. And good potions are expensive. Because of that, a healer is necessary for any raids. Bard can do a decent amount of damage too. This class can apply different kinds of buffs to the allies. As a result, a lot of people want to take a bard in their party instead of a full DPS party. Again, the bard’s first awakening gives a huge shield that can absorb a good amount of damage.

This class is good for 3V3 as well. Bard can be very annoying in PVP. Also, players can not use potions in PVP. So a bard is necessary.

There you go. These two are essential classes for any party. Which one do you think is also important? Let us know in the comment section below.

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