Kohinorr Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Kohinorr Spawn Location in Lost Ark

In the Yorn continent, you will be able to find Kohinorr. You need to be at least 880 gear score to be able to deal damage and get the reward from Kohinorr.

Kohinorr Spawn Location

Kohinorr spawns in the Iron Hammer Mine of Yorn continent. Specifically, at the top-right side of Steep Lava Valley. We’ve marked the area on the map so that you can find it easily.

Spawn Time- Calendar boss. You can find the spawn time from the notification bar or, you can go to the location and hover your mouse arrow over the event icon to see the spawn time.

Kohinorr spawn location

Things you should know before fighting Kohinoor

Most of the attacks will apply poison debuff on the players. However, it is easy to avoid following the animation and avoiding the red zone.

  • Ground Smash- Kohinoor smashes on the ground and deals moderate damage. This is the most basic attack;
  • Spin Attack- Kohinoor basically spin one time and deals damage to players around him. You can avoid this attack if you stay away from the red area;
  • Rock Throw- Kohinoor picks up a huge rock and throws it at the players. It deals a lot of damage so make sure to use your potions;
  • Chest Beating- Kohinoor basically punches his chest like a gorilla and damages the players in front of him. It is a wide area attack but you can avoid it if you stand behind him;
  • Poison Rain- Kohinoor summons poison rain over a wide area. These are hard to dodge and these poisons will apply a debuff on you. Kohinoor can eat this poison to buff himself;
  • Poison Breath- Kohinoor breath poisons in front of him. It deals a decent amount of damage and applies poison debuff on the players;
  • Jump Attack- Kohinoor jumps on the players and deals a lot of damage. It is hard to avoid as it doesn’t show the red zone;
  • Poison Gas- Kohinoor spawns poison gas in random areas. If you are inside the gas then you will get a lot of DOT (Damage over time) and these will also apply poison debuff on you;

After defeating Kohinoor, you will get a lot of goodies for your T2 gears such as honing materials. You will also get rune stone (Bleed), accessories, moon breath, ability stone, food ingredients, cards, and engravings.

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