LeetCode Problems for Samsung

LeetCode Problems for Samsung

Samsung is unlike other companies, takes their interviews very differently. It is not a US-based company and follows a very disciplined way of hiring its candidates. So these are the steps they usually follow-

  1. Phone screening
  2. Coding Test
  3. Viva Sponsored
  4. Medical Test
  5. Top Decision from Hiring Committee
  6. Job Offer

Now, let’s talk about the point we are all here for, Coding Test. Unlike other companies, they don’t let you code on a whiteboard or online doc. You have to attend their office to participate in a 3-4 hour-long coding contest among all the candidates for that day. (I would like to point out, you can even solve the problem way earlier than the given time. It took me 23 minutes. Given time was 3 hours). Usually, there is only one problem to solve. But, they might give up to three problems, depending on the problems themselves. There is no place for getting close to your solution. Your solution must pass all their test cases. Without this, they will not proceed with you to the next steps. If more candidates pass the test, then they will take into consideration the duration it took you to solve it, the runtime of your solution, and maybe space as well (if the competition is tough). In this article, we’ve recorded some common LeetCode problems for Samsung.

312Burst Balloons51.8%Hard0.143603
1Two Sum45.6%Easy0.107241
572Subtree of Another Tree44.1%Easy0.086948
31Next Permutation32.6%Medium0.050586
85Maximal Rectangle37.7%Hard0.050135
20Valid Parentheses39.0%Easy0.043588
32Longest Valid Parentheses28.4%Hard0.034770
33Search in Rotated Sorted Array34.5%Medium0.019219
22Generate Parentheses62.7%Medium0.016507
876Middle of the Linked List68.4%Easy0.016310
5Longest Palindromic Substring29.5%Medium0.013529
3Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters30.4%Medium0.013288
523Continuous Subarray Sum24.6%Medium0.011293
103Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order Traversal48.3%Medium0.010504
190Reverse Bits39.8%Easy0.007245
127Word Ladder29.6%Medium0.005731
21Merge Two Sorted Lists53.5%Easy0.004849
653Two Sum IV – Input is a BST55.5%Easy0
987Vertical Order Traversal of a Binary Tree36.6%Medium0
1301Number of Paths with Max Score37.3%Hard0
1139Largest 1-Bordered Square47.5%Medium0
1464Maximum Product of Two Elements in an Array78.1%Easy0
1519Number of Nodes in the Sub-Tree With the Same Label35.2%Medium0

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