lost ark class review

Lost ark Class Review

So you want to know about all of the classes of Lost Ark and which one will be the best for you. Then I hope this article will help you to pick a decent class for your playstyle. However, even after knowing these classes, you will still face problems while you start playing the class. In that case, I’ll highly suggest you give a shot to other classes. If you are wondering why you should be playing multiple classes then please don’t forget to read this article because here I’ve explained a few reasons to play more than one class in Lost Ark. You will understand more about a class if you play it by yourself. I’ll only explain a few reasons that will help you to avoid a class or pick a class. Read this article to know the Lost Ark class review

Let’s explain the Warrior profession

Berserker– Our most beginner-friendly class is the berserker. This class does not have a complicated mechanic. It is a very easy-to-play class that can do high damage. It also has a high level of impairment in its skills. You can enter berserk mode when you press Z. In the berzerk mode, you will gain attack speed and bonus damage.

Paladin/ Holy Knight- Next up is the paladin. Paladin is a support class. You can’t go wrong with this class either. Paladin is needed in raid party as well as 3v3 PVP party. The only problem with a paladin is that in the warrior profession this is the only class that does not have a high level of impairment skill. However, this class can heal, shield & buff others, and still do a lot of damage to the enemies.

Gunlancer/ Warlord– Warlord/ Gunlancer is tanker than any other class in the warrior profession. A Gunlancer/warlord player can pretty much become an immortal in the raid. This class can also support other players with shields. And this class is the ONLY CLASS THAT CAN TAUNT RAID BOSS. It means this class can control the flow of raids. It can cancel any boss attack if he can taunt the monster at the right time. Also, I have to mention a simple problem of this class which is Gunlancer dashes backward. This means you might have to play it for a long time to get used to it. But don’t worry about the damage. This class can do a very decent amount of damage and it has a high level of impairment in its skills.

Destroyer– If you want to do as much damage as a berserker and survive like a Gunlancer, then Destroyer is the class for you. Destroyer is known as a no-brainer class among destroyer players. If you have a high ping issue and you can’t dodge incoming attacks then this class is just right for you. A lot of people don’t play this class only because it is slow. Well, the destroyer is slow but it does way lot of damage and still shows the middle finger to raid bosses. Destroyer has a unique mechanic. You have two color skills. One is blue and another one is purple skills. You basically use blue skills to generate core (up to 3 cores). And use purple skills to release the core and get bonus damage & shield. The more core you have, the more damage you will do.

Now, let’s explain the Martial Artist profession

Striker– Striker is basically the male version of the Wardancer/ Battlemaster. It is a very agile class. Due to its high mobility and agility, it can do quick damage and dodge incoming damage if the timing is right. Also, you need to have a better ping in order to play this class. Remember, this class do not have any shield skill, so you have to be careful. Striker generates energy while it hits monsters and uses that energy to use its ultimate skills. Remember, ultimate skills and awakening skills are not the same.

Wardancer/ Battlemaster– Well, as I said before, this is the female version of Striker. The only difference is that the two awakening skills are different.

Scrapper/ Infighter– Scrapper/Infighter is basically a little bit slower version of Striker and Wardancer. Scrapper uses a bigger gauntlet compared to Striker and Wardancer. In terms of damage, I think both are almost the same. However, Scrapper has better impairment than Striker and Wardancer. This class has two types of skills. One is yellow skills and another one is green skills. You basically have to balance between 2 types of energy to use the skills.

Soulfist/ Soul Master- This is one of my favorite classes. Soulfist/ Soul Master uses its Z to enter in Super Saiyan mode. Soulfist can do melee attacks as well as long-range attacks. Basically, all of its ability does bonus damage in Z mode. Soulfist is a very mobile class. It also has a moderate level of impairment but it isn’t as high as the warrior profession. Most of the classes in Martial Artist have good mobility as a result, these classes are very good in PVP, specially Soulfist.

Let’s move to the Gunner Profession

Gunslinger– This is one of the complicated classes of Lost Ark. Gunslinger is basically the female version of Deadeye but better. One thing you should remember is that Gunslinger uses its Z to switch between weapons. Pistol mode has 8 skills, Shotgun mode has 4 skills and Sniper mode has 4 skills. So in total 16 skills and you can do a lot of combos in PVP as well as in PVE. Gunslinger is a very mobile class in the Gunner profession. It also has moderate level impairment in its skills. If you don’t have good ping then I’ll highly suggest you avoid this class. Other than that, this is a very fun class to play.

Deadeye/ Devil Hunter– This is basically the male version of Gunslinger. However, a very few skills of this class is different than Gunslinger. Also, I feel like Gunslinger does more damage than Deadeye. But if you still want to play it, then it is fine. It is also a fun-to-play class.

Artillerist/ Blaster– To me, this is the most DPS class in the Gunner profession. Most people avoid this class just because it lacks mobility and its animation is kind of slower than other classes. However, in a raid, this class will do more damage than any other class in the Gunner profession. Artillerist also has a high-level impairment in his skills. Again, this class can shield itself so you can take some damage as well.

Scouter– Scouter is also a very good class to invest in. I think scouter is the only class that can go toe to toe with Artillerist in terms of damage. Scouter has good mobility and good impairment. Also, the Scouter can charge his reactor and use his Z to enter iron man mode. In this mode, he unlocks 6 different skills and gets a huge amount of shields.

Sharpshooter/ Hawk-Eye– This is the only class that can turn invisible. This class can become the most annoying class in PVP. It can also do a very decent amount of damage to monsters. It is a very fun class to play. You will also get a hawk that follows you around and attacks monsters. However, it is a very squishy class so you better be careful in raids.

Now, let’s talk about the Mage profession

Bard- Bard is the most needed class in the raiding party. The reason why Bard is so popular is that heal plays a vital role in raids. Because you can’t use normal potions to heal. You can only use battle potions in raids but battle potions are expensive. This is where Bard comes. If there is a Bard at the party then heal shouldn’t be a problem for you. Besides, Bard can also provide a huge shield just like Paladin.

Sorceress- I will only say this- The sorceress has very good AOE skills. You can easily clear mob with this class. Although it is still a squishy class, you better be careful in raids.

Arcana– Arcana is the most mobile class in the Mage profession. This is the reason a lot of PVP players like this class. This class can dish out a very decent amount of damage. She can buff herself using her cards. If you don’t have any ping issues then feel free to play this class.

Summoner- Summoner can summon multiple spirits and monsters to dish out high damage. Summoner isn’t super high mobile but compare to the Bard, she is pretty mobile. All of her attacks are long-range. I think Summoner is a safe pick even with high ping. She will not do the highest damage at the party but don’t be fooled Summoner has a good impairment, she can use her Z to do a very decent amount of damage and she can also absorb lots of incoming damage with her shield skill.

Finally, the Assassin profession

Shadow Hunter/ Fury- Shadow hunter seems like an assassin but she doesn’t feel like an assassin. It is one of the high DPS classes in Lost Ark. Shadow Hunter can do a very decent amount of damage in her normal mode but she does way lot of damage in her Z mode or Demonic mode. Whenever she enters her Demonic mode she gains 6 new high damage skills and a high level of impairment. You will also heal as soon as you enter demonic mode. It is a very good class to invest in. But don’t expect any invisibility skill from her even though she is an assassin.

Death Blade/ Blade- Death Blade/ Blade is an agile class. In terms of damage, I’ll say Shadow Hunter does more damage than Death Blade/Blade. But don’t get me wrong. It is a very fun class to play. Death Blade has a moderate level of impairment. With proper engravings, and with her Z you can do a lot of damage. Some of her abilities are charge type but you won’t get bored with this class either.

There you go. Now pick a class that matches your play style. If you like to go ham then the Warrior profession won’t disappoint you. If you want to support then pick either Paladin or Bard. Both are good classes. If you want to play a fun class then feel free to pick Gunslinger. Whatever you pick, you need to play multiple characters if you want to progress faster in the game. I hope this Lost Ark class review will be helpful for you.

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