Lost Ark- Gold Trading Guide

Lost Ark- Gold Trading Guide

Gold in Lost Ark is an essential currency since most of the time you have to use gold for hardening your equipment, buy materials or any kind of avatar costume. You can either farm the gold or buy it from the in-game auction. However, sometimes players tend to trade gold from other players. For example: Carrying someone in a T5 raid or selling secret maps. Sometimes players buy gold from different websites where other players trade gold currency for money. In this guide, I’ll explain how to trade gold and why you should avoid certain methods to trade gold from other players.

At first, I’ll explain the safest method of trading gold. It is safe but it takes a little bit longer for players to trade gold. If you follow this method, you can trade any amount of gold inside the game.

Auction House Method

This is the most reliable method if you don’t want to get punished by the system. This is a go-to method for any advanced gold trader in Lost Ark. Normally, players use it when they sell a huge amount of gold like 10k-40k.

Method- First open an auction house and look for any item that isn’t class-based. Remember this, you have to find a non-class item, which means the item can be purchased or viewed by other classes. Normally, food, life materials, or hardening materials are cheap and can be purchased by any other class.

  • Buy any cheap material which is low in quantity in auction house;
  • Now tell the other player to list it for 4k or whatever amount you want to trade;
  • Refresh auction house and you will see the item and now you can buy back the item. The other players will get the gold in his mail.
Auction house trading example
Lost Ark- Auction House

For better understanding, look at this image. I bought a “Stew” (A food item) and gave it to my friend and told him to list it for 4k. I refreshed the page and now I can see the item in the auction. If I buy it then the system will take 5% fees from me and my friend will get the gold in his mail.

**Also, note that players from different servers use this method to sell gold. You can’t use the trade, billing, or mail option when two players are on different servers.**

Things to remember-

  • The lowest price item will always stay at the top of the listing. So, you have to buy that as well if you want to buy the one your friend has listed.
  • Don’t use any kind of class engravings when you are trading gold in auction house. To put it simply, a devil hunter class player can not buy a fury’s class engravings.
  • And always double check the amount and the price because other players might be using the same item. So, make sure to put a different amount like 6969g instead of 7000g

Personal Trading Method

This is a very common method among players. This method is really good if you are doing a small amount of gold trading or buying any kind of material from a player. Players tend to use this method if they want to pay for maps or raid carry. Also, it is pretty fast.

Things to remember-

Never trade a huge amount of gold using the “Trade” option. It is okay to use it for a small amount of gold like 1-10k. But never use it to trade more than that amount. Some players will encourage you to trade gold that way but don’t do it. Even if you do trade that amount of gold that way, use a valuable item like a costume or any super rare item. You don’t have to trade any kind of valuable item if you trade a small amount of gold. Just a normal item will do the trick.

Billing Method

This method is usually used to buy items from other players when they are not in the same room or same location. Seller issue this billing to the buyer with the specific item. It is pretty easy to do.

Things to remember-

Don’t use this method for selling huge amounts of gold unless the billing item is expensive. Also, make sure the name is correct because you might just send it to a different player if the name isn’t right.

Mailing Method

This is the most general method for gold sellers. This method is very simple yet risky. It is okay if you send a low amount of gold through the mail but I highly suggest people buy gold through the auction house. If you buy gold then tell your seller to use the auction house or trade instead of this option. Lots of gold sellers use this method because it is easy and less time-consuming. Players can send gold from any continent.

Things to remember-

As I said before, this is a risky method. If you make any mistake in the name and send it then you can’t undo the process. Also, the system can detect if you send too much gold using the mail option. Again, you can’t use this option if two players are on different servers.

What you should never do

Never buy gold from botters. The system can detect botters and remove the traded gold and you will end up with negative gold as your punishment. To remove the negative gold, you need to buy gold from the store or do gold farming to reduce the negative figure.

lost ark negative gold figure
Lost Ark- Negative Gold
Lost Ark- Negative Gold Inventory
Lost Ark- Negative Gold Inventory

And there you go. Now you know the ways. If you are asking about which one I use mostly then I’ll always say “Auction House”. Although it is time-consuming, it is safe. If you have other ideas related to gold trading in Lost Ark then feel free to let us know in the comment below.

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