Lost Ark Quest Type

Lost Ark Quest Type

So you are confused about the different types of quests of the Lost Ark? Fear not! In this article, I’ll explain the Lost Ark quest type based on its colors. There are a total of 9 types of quests.

Orange Quest- Orange quest is going to be your main quest till the Lutheran continent. These are basically your main quest and you can not ignore these. You need to do this to complete your main story.

Blue Quest- After the Lutheran continent, all of your quests will turn blue. You can not ignore these quests either. These will be your main quest.

Yellow Quest- Yellow quest are your side quest. You can ignore them if you want to. However, to reach 100% of a certain continent, you need to do these as well as all of the hidden yellow quests. If your goal is to finish the story then feel free to avoid these otherwise do these because some of them give good rewards such as potions, upgrading materials, etc.

Please note- You need to do a few yellow quests in North Vern. In north Vern, you will find a quest “Qualifications to Enter Balankar“. You need to do the yellow and purple quest from the bulletin board beside the NPC. The board’s name is Fesnar Highland Board. You need to go to Parna Forest, Vernese Forest, and Fesnar Highland and do the yellow quest there (Remember you don’t need to do all of them). Also, do not forget to do the purple quest. You have to go to Fesnar Highland to complete the purple quest. It is a chain quest so it will take a while to complete. After completing the purple quest, return to the Rania Village and then you can start doing the main quest.

Fesnar Highland Board
North Vern Fesnar Highland Board

Yellow Chain Quest- Chain quests are those quests that will require you to complete the quest step by step. Remember some of the yellow chain quests will give you a good amount of rewards and a few of them will give you skill points. Skill points are very important. So make sure to view the rewards of the yellow chain quest before ignoring it. If the reward is skill points then make sure to do it.

Purple Quest- Purple quests are those quests that will unlock most of your essential activities in the game such as lifeskill, raids, upgrading gears, cubes, and more. Also, the purple quest will unlock your first as well as second awakening. So, make sure to complete your purple quest.

Green Quest- These are area events such as area boss or area activity. You need multiple players to complete this type of quest.

Red Quest- These are also known as sudden quests. Whenever you enter a map and run through the map then it will suddenly appear. You can do these quests before level 50 as these quests are very short but still give a decent amount of XP.

Pink Quest- Pink quests are seasonal event quests such as Halloween event quest, Vallentine events quest, etc. These are not permanent quests. Some of the rewards will also be gone after a certain time period. So make sure to use those items before the expiry date. You can avoid these types of quests but if the rewards are good then I’ll highly suggest you do these.

Pink Love Quest- These are the affinity quest. You will get affinity points for certain NPC if you do these.

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