Lost ark- Reasons to Play Multiple Classes

Play Multiple Classes in Lost Ark

Unlike most MMOs, Lost Ark is an RPG game that requires you to try multiple classes for several reasons. Alts in the lost ark are crucial if you want to grind faster in the game. Besides, alts in Lost Ark will come in handy for farming gold, upgrading materials as well as affinity. Leveling up multiple alts might be a slow process but it will come in handy in the long run. So, in this post, I’ll try to cover the reasons to play multiple classes in Lost Ark. I hope this will help you to decide whether or not you should play more than one class in Lost Ark.


Each profession and class in this game is unique from one another. The reason I’m saying this is because you will need to try multiple classes to find the class you are convenient with. You may like gunner class but later on, you figure out that in terms of damage and survivability destroyer is better even though it is a slow class. Again, you might like blade master but later on, you feel like support class is better for a team because it can heal and buff allies. You will never feel bored with a different class in Lost Ark.

Gold Farming

Alright, there are multiple things you should remember, and trust me knowing these will be beneficial to you. First of all, golds are shared in multiple characters. This is why you need to have more than one character to farm gold in the game. Say for example- if you manage to sell anything in an auction house then that gold will be shared with your other characters. The same goes if you spend it on any character. This is the reason a lot of players open multiple characters to farm gold for their main character.

Daily raids

Raids are important in the game because you will get accessories and upgrading materials from daily raids. You can sell accessories and hardening materials in the auction house to earn gold.

Weekly raids

Weekly raids can only be done one time per week. If you are lucky enough then you might get a very expensive seal book from it. You can sell it to get more gold. Remember weekly raids are balanced, which means your gear score won’t matter here. You can not one-shot the boss.

Weekly void

Void drops more gold than any other raids. Currently, in the RU server, you can get around 1500 gold from “Oreya’s Heart” void dungeon. The first one drops 700 gold and the second one drops 800 gold. So, if you have more alts then you can do this dungeon and farm up to 1500 gold per character.

Daily & Weekly Quest

The daily Epona, as well as the weekly quest, is important. The reason I’m saying this is because you can only 3 daily quests per day but if you have more characters then you can do more. The same concept goes for the weekly quests. The dailies and weeklies are important because you can get points by doing these and claim Epona badges. After that you can use those badges to buy a gold box. These boxes will drop gold coins. You can find Epona Badge Exchange in any city. Just open the map and look for Epona Badge Exchange. Normally with only one character, it takes a lot of time but with multiple characters, you can do it in one day.

Lost ark- Epona Legacy Points
Lost ark- Epona Legacy Points
Lost ark- Epona Badge Exchange
Lost ark- Epona Badge Exchange


Hardening materials are basically used to upgrade the gear score. Chaos dungeon normally drops most of the essential upgrading materials but you can only do it two times per character. If you want to farm weapon crystals and armor crystals then chaos dungeon is the best place to go. As these two materials are tradable among characters, you can do the chaos dungeon in your alts and transfer the materials using the shared storage. Daily raids drop upgrading materials too, so you can transfer those items as well.

Final thought

Making multiple characters in the game isn’t an absolute rule. Besides, you might feel too much pressure if you want to manage all of your characters. Also, it is time-consuming. If you have no alts then it doesn’t mean you can not upgrade your character, it means your gear progression will be slow. But if you want to grind faster in the game then you need to have more alts that’s all. If you want to more about each class then feel free to read all class reviews.

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