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Lost Ark – What Is Impairment? Best Class For Impairment

If you are a newbie in Lost ark then you might have heard about impairment a lot of times.

Take some time and read this article because I’ll explain-

  • what exactly is impairment;
  • why is it so important; and
  • which classes are best known for impairment.

I’ll also help you to pick a class if your main focus is to play a tank class. Make sure to read all of it so that you don’t miss anything important.

Impairment is basically a mechanic that helps to wear down any monster/boss faster. Every boss in the Lost Ark has a narrow purple bar below the health bar. That’s their impairment status. If you use impairment skills on the boss then you’ll see that bar is decreasing. The monster will be knocked to the ground as soon as the bar drops to zero. Now, you may be asking yourself “Hold on! I don’t see any bar or health for raid boss”. Well, yes you won’t see it because those bars are hidden for the raid bosses.

Lost ark- monster health bar and impairment bar
Lost ark- monster health bar and impairment bar

So, Why is it so important?

I assume, you probably got an idea about impairment already. Which is, it helps to Knockdown bosses/ named monsters. Well, yes but it has more function. Impairment is much more than that. If you want to cancel any AOE (Area of Effect) blast or any kind of one-shot mechanic then you need impairment in your skills. Sometimes you need to break the boss when the boss starts channeling specific moves. A few bosses are immune to this effect but at a certain moment of the fight, you will need to apply it to break the boss.

Now, there are two other effects you need for certain raid bosses. One is “Cut” and another one is “Destruction”. You don’t need them for every monster or bosses but these two will come in handy if you have these. For example- You need “cut” to cut the tail of Nacrasena when it is knocked down. Similarly, to break the armor of “Lavanos” You need to use destruction skills.

Best Class for Impairment

Let’s talk about class now. If you are looking for the best profession that has high-level impairment in the skills then close your eyes and pick the warrior profession. Any class under the warrior profession has a higher level of impairment in the skill other than the paladin/ Holy Knight class. Seriously don’t pick Holy Knight if you are after high impairment, it is a support class. You can go for Berserker, Destroyer, or Warlord. Let’s give a brief review of these classes.


It is a newbie-friendly high DPS class. It isn’t a super tanky class but it can take a good amount of damage as it does a lot of damage. This class is faster than the other two classes. There isn’t any complicated skill for this class. It is a very easy class to play. many players are happy to take berserker in their party.

Usually, for PVE content, players like to take specialty stat along with critical stat with this class. The specialty stat helps to do more damage with awakening and increases the duration of his “Z” mode.

For engravings, you can use grudge, awakening, berserker killer mode (Class engravings), cursed doll, or backstabbing master. You can take any of these engravings based on your preference.

If you are looking for builds then feel free to view for some user build.


It is a no-brainer class. Imagine you are a player who can’t dodge any skill shot but want to deal tons of damage. Then destroyer is the right class for you. A lot of players complain that destroyer is a slow class and it isn’t worth class to invest in. Well, let me educate you. Destroyer is a little bit slow class but it does a lot of AOE damage, with lots of high-level break skills and no boss can one-shot a destroyer. Even if you have a low gear score, you will be dealing a substantial amount of damage and you will survive better than any other profession. That is why a lot of players like to accept destroyers in their team.

Trickey Part– Destroyer has a unique mechanic. This class has two types of skills. One is the blue skill that generates “Core” when you hit an enemy/monster and the other one is the purple skill. Each time you use the blue skill, you will generate a core and you can use those cores for the shield as well as to deal more damage when you use the purple skill. The more cores you have, the more shield and damage you will be able to do. This is why a destroyer just won’t die even he is taking damage because he is just spamming that shield.

Normally for PVE content, players like to take specialty & critical stat or specialty & agility stat. Both works!

For engravings, players usually take grudge, supercharge, hammer of rage, spirit absorption, or barricade. You can use a combination of these based on your play style.

For build follow this link to view user build


It is a super tanky class. Warlord players are basically immortal in the raid. They just won’t die. This class doesn’t do as much damage as the other two classes but this is a super tanky class. Again, this class can also shield other players. I’ve seen a lot of players complain about warlord being slow and useless. Well, my friend, let me educate you then. A good warlord always controls the flow of the raid. He will cancel the animation of a raid boss. Because warlord is the only class that can taunt raid bosses. If you have a good warlord in your party then you can rest assured because that warlord will take all the damage for you.

Unique Part: It has a very unique dash because the warlord dashes backward.

Players usually take critical & agility stat or specialty & critical stat for PVE.

For engravings, you can go grudge, supercharge, barricade & lonely knight for this class.

Feel free to follow this link for the user build guide

There you go. You can take any of these three classes based on your play style. These three are the best class to stress any kind of raid boss. You can’t go wrong with these if you want to play tanky class. If you want to know about all of the class then feel free to read this article. Good luck!

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