Magmadon Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Magmadon Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Magmadon is one of the world bosses of the Rohendal continent. This boss can be very annoying to defeat. However, you know the attack patterns then it should be easy for you to defeat the boss with a group.

Magmadon Spawn Location

Magmadon spawns in the Xeneela Ruins area of the Rohendel continent. Specifically, if you go to the mid-downside of the map then you will be able to find the boss. Also, you can follow the event icon to find the boss. We’ve marked the Magmadon spawn location on the map. Take a look at the image.

Spawn Time- Every 2 hours. If you do not see the boss then open the map and hover your cursor over the event icon. It will show the spawn time of the boss.

Things you should know before fighting Magmadon-

You should be able to avoid all of his attacks if you stay out of the red zone. Most of his attacks are very simple. So try to dodge them.

  • Roll Charge- Magmadon rolls forward and damages players. You can avoid it as it shows the damaging area before charging;
  • Energy Blast- Magmadon will use an energy blast in front of him. The area will be shown so you should be able to dodge it;
  • Underground Dive- At a certain time, Magmadon will dig and dive underground. After a few seconds Magmadon will come up and damage a specific area;
  • Ground Crack- Magmadon will smash into the ground and in a few seconds a specific part of the ground will crack and damage the players;
  • Mini Magmadon- At one point, Magmadon will turn invincible and will spawn 2-3 mini versions of him (summons 3 mini Magmadon if he is low). These 2-3 mini Magmadon will deal AOE damage over a wide area. This mini Magmadon follows the same attack pattern as the big Magmadon. You need to kill them as soon as you can or these mini-boss will deal a lot of damage;
  • AOE damage- Magmadon will put up his arms and deal massive damage in a wide area. You can stay close to Magmadon to avoid this attack;
  • Ground smash- Magmadon will smash the ground in front of him;

You will be able to get a lot of loot from this world boss. You will get rune stone (Bleed), ability stone, accessories, engravings recipe, cards as well as moon breath.

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