Proxima Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Proxima Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Proxima is similar to Rovlen. But unlike Rovlen, Proxima is way stronger.

Proxima Spawn Location

Proxima spawns at the middle-left side of the Vernese Forest of the North Vern continent. The area feels like a maze but if you look at the map carefully then you will eventually reach the marked location. The easiest route for me is through the down-right portal. There is a narrow path that will take you to the spawn location of Proxima.

Spawn Time- It spawns every 24-36 hours. You can go to the location and hover your mouse over the event and it will show you the remaining time. You can also see the spawn time from the upper-left notification bar or the calendar.

Proxima spawn location on the map

Things to remember when you fight Proxima-

  • Proxima follows the same attack pattern as Rovlen. If you’ve fought against Rovlen then you should be able to see a similar attack pattern. However, you must dodge those attacks because those attacks will deal a lot of damage compared to Rovlen. Most of the abilities will apply poison effect on the players;
  • AOE wimp- Deals a lot of damage and will push you away;
  • AOE wide range wimp- Basically it is the wider version of the aoe wimp. It deals more damage;
  • Poison Throw- Proxima will throw poisons in a straight line. Deals moderate damage;
  • Ground spike- Will spawn spike from the ground in a straight line;
  • Poison Rain- Proxima will start raining poison. It does moderate damage;
  • Defense mode- At a certain point, Proxima will go into defensive mode and heal itself. The boss will also spawn tentacles around it. Destroy these tentacles and the boss will eventually leave its defensive mode;

After defeating Proxima, you will get a lot of T1 materials along with a few accessories, engravings, food ingredients, adventure tomb, runestone, ability stone as well as cards.

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