Rovlen Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Rovlen Spawn Location in Lost Ark

West Leterra has one world boss and that is Rovlen. You will get a lot of goodies if you can defeat this world boss. However, you won’t be able to solo the boss at a low level.

Rovlen Spawn Location

Rovlen spawn on the left side of Bilbrain Forest of West Luterra continent. Rovlen stays in the same spot. This boss can not move from one place to another. However, Roven can rotate its body to attack players. We’ve marked Roven spawn location on the map. Look at the image and go to the pinpointed location. Rovlen spawn location isn’t very hard to find. Since the location is very narrow, it might be hard for you to dodge most of its attacks. So, make sure you always have your dash up.

Spawn Time- Every 30 minutes

Rovlen Spawn Location
Roven Spawn location on Bilbrain Forest

A few tips while fighting Rovlen-

  • Rovlen uses poison to attack. In the starting, Rovlen will attack in the front direction using its wimp. You can easily dodge it because it shows the attack area;
  • AOE wide wimp will throw you away and it also does a lot of damage. But, not enough to one-shot you;
  • AOE poison rain is hard to dodge so make sure you use your potion;
  • When Rovlen has low hp, it will start going defensive. In Rovlen’s defensive form, you will basically do no damage and Rovlen will start healing. Rovlen will summon lots of tentacles around it. Destroy the tentacles and Rovlen will leave its defensive form.

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