Rudric Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Rudric Spawn Location in Lost Ark

This is the first world boss of Lost Ark. Make sure to defeat this boss and earn some goodies. Because this will boost you at a low level.

Rudric Spawn Location

Rudric is the big boss of the Rethramis continent. Rudric spawns every 30 min in “Rethramis Border”. We’ve marked Redric spawn location on the map. You can find Rudric on the left side of the map. More specifically at the Graveyard. Rudric roams around that area. It is kind of difficult for you to kill Rudric if you are alone at a low level. So, make sure there are enough players in that area. You can use the “Area” chat to call for more people to assist you to kill the boss.

Spawn Time- Every 30 minute

Rudric spawn location
Rudric spawn location

A few tips while fighting Rudric-

  • Always use potions because at low-level Rudric will hit you like a truck. However, don’t use combat potions because you are going to need those in raids. So use the normal potions;
  • Try to join in a party, so that you can receive buffs and heals from other classes, this will help you do more damage to the boss. It will be much easier if you have a good support like Bard and Paladin in your team;
  • Look out for the wide swing of Rudric’s scythe and try to dodge it as it is the primary attack of Rudric;

There you go. If you defeat Rudric for the first time, then you will get a loot chest along with some equipment. You can get engraving and cards from the loot chest. Basically, this will help you get a few engraving before hitting level 50. So, it is pretty good for the early game. Later on, you can farm for higher-level engraving.

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