Signatus Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Signatus Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Arthetine continent has two world bosses. One of them is Signatus. This is one of the robotic bosses in Lost Ark.

Signatus Spawn Location

Signatus spawns at the top-right side of the Scraplands of the Arthetine continent. We’ve marked Signatus spawn location on the map. Make sure you have recommended gear store before fighting this boss because if you have a lower than the recommended gear score then you will not get the rewards. Recommended gear score is 380.

Spawn Time- Unlike previous world bosses, Signatus does not spawn every 30 minutes. Instead, it is a calendar spawn world boss. This means it takes up to 24 to 36 hours based on the in-game daily calendar. You can also open the map and hover your mouse over the event icon to see the spawn time.

Things you should know before fighting Signatus-

  • Flame Attack- Signatus stays in one place and starts his flame thrower;
  • Missile Attack- Starts firing Missile around him. It deals moderate damage;
  • Black Oil Attack- Signatus will throw black oil all over the area and those covered areas will burn for a few seconds;
  • AOE Beams from Above- Signatus will stay still and starts firing laser beams from above. It does a lot of damage. Try to dodge them because those beams deals a lot of damage;
  • AOE Super Charge- Signatus will discharge electric energy from his body and deal massive damage. Get away from Signatus as soon as you see the red sign;
  • Machine Gun Attack- Signatus starts shooting in the front line. It does moderate damage but applies stagger on players;
  • AOE Rotating Laser Attack- The boss starts a 360-degree laser attack. If you stay close to him then you can avoid the attack;
  • Front Charge Attack- Signatus will charge at you. You can dodge this attack as it will mark the area. But if you fail then it will instantly kill you;
  • Energy ball Attack- Spawns energy balls from above that follows players and deals damage;
  • Lastly always use potions while fighting this boss;

You will get T1 mats after defeating this world boss. You will get cards, seal books, upgrading mats, runes, ability stones as well as accessories from this world boss.

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