Tarsila Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Tarsila Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Tarsila is one of the world bosses of the Shushire continent. This giant frost spider roams in the “Spider Queen’s Lair”.

Tarsila Spawn Location

Shushire spawns in the middle-right side (East) of the Lake Eternity of the Shushire continent. To be specific this boss spawns in the “Spider Queen’s Lair”. We’ve marked the location on the map so that you can find it easier. This boss is powerful enough to kill you so do not try to solo it.

Spawn Time- 24 hours. It is an event monster so it is possible to find its spawn time in the game calendar. Again. if you are in the Lake Eternity area, you can open the map and hover your cursor over the event icon to see its remaining spawn time.

Things you should know before fighting Tarsila-

  • Tarsila can be very annoying because most of its abilities will freeze you. As a result, you will take a lot of damage while frozen. So always look out for attack animation;
  • Ice Breath- Tarsila will breathe ice in front of the players. It will apply stack freezing debuff. At max stack, it will freeze you. this attack is dodgeable as it shows the area she is going to attack;
  • Frontal Charge- Tarsila will charge at players. You can easily dodge it because the area will be shown before she performs the attack;
  • AOE Attack- Tarsila will jump on the ground and damage everyone around her. The attack area will be shown so it should be easy for you to dodge;
  • Jump Attack- Tarsila will jump on the players to deal damage. The area will be shown so try to dodge it;
  • Ice Comet- Tarsila will throw ice on the players to deal damage. You can not see the area but you can see the huge chunk of ice falling on the location.

You will get a lot of loots from Tarsila such as 4th Giant’s Hear, accessories, equipment, ability stone, engraving recipe, etc. Always make sure to keep your distance while you fight this boss. If you are at a lower level then try to dodge all of its attacks or she will one-shot you.

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