Top 10 New Games for Android & iOS February 2022 Offline & Online

Top 10 New Games for Android & iOS | February 2022 | Offline & Online

Hey, gamers! Since it’s now February of 2022, we figured we would start this month with some new games. Today we are here with the top 10 new games for Android & iOS for February 2022. These games can be found in Google Play Store and Apple App Store


This is an online survival game where you will play as either a gorilla or survivor. The main theme of this game is survivors have survived by running away from the gorillas so that the gorilla can’t attack him/her in a given period of time.

On the other hand, the gorilla has to find the survivor and beat him to win the match. Also in the game, you have to collect bananas and different kinds of power-up tokens to increase your abilities.

Overall it’s a decent game with decent graphics.

Gorilla Online Gameplay


Alpha Ace is a brand new action FPS similar to CS:GO. It features many modes but the goal is usually to take down as many enemies as possible. In Alpha Ace, you’ll play in a team and earn points by defeating enemies you can also get bonus points for completing different objectives depending on the game mode.

There will be a variety of weapons to choose from. If you like close-quarter fights, then pick SMGs or shotguns. Well if you prefer mid to long-range combat, choose assault rifles or snipers.

Alpha ace review

There are many game modes like Demolition, Clash Team, Clash Titans, Arcade Rocket Game, and more.
In my opinion, the graphics of the game is very good and right now it is available for Android in Russia.


If you like Action and Adventure games then you should try super rabbit word. This is an arcade game inspired by the Mario game. Here you play as a rabbit who is on a mission to save his girlfriend. Also, you have to overcome the different types of difficulties and obstacles that come your way and fight with various types of creatures. Green slime slugs and more and at the end, you have to defeat the giant stone boss monster.

In my opinion, I love this game and the graphics of this game are also amazing!

Super rabbit word game


This is an FPS game where you play as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. The game is a little bit similar to into the Dead 2. Here you have to escape through forests and mountains full of zombies. In the game, the player can only control weapon systems and the rest of the things like running automatically, which is the biggest drawback of this game.

And it needs in-app purchases to unlock all levels which may be a con of this game. Overall, I love this game and the graphics of this game are also awesome!

Burning dead gameplay


This is a physics-based puzzle platformer game that follows the adventures of George, a scrap of fabric who travels through a cloth world to find his beloved Samantha. So your main job is to help George as he searches for his lost love Samantha overcomes puzzles and obstacles in this hand-drawn textile world.

Along with that, the game features over 45 levels of physics-based puzzles of varying complexity, where you can use the weight-splitting technique to solve them. Also beautifully hand-drawn artwork of
this game looks mesmerizing.

Wheres samantha gameplay


Some action games will throw the player into a huge battlefield right from the first minute and jager is one of them. This is an MMORPG that takes you on monster hunts that can be more terrifying. The whole game is full of challenges in a series of earth-shattering battles against monsters of tremendous strength, enormous size, and hideous appearance.

Along with that game has an interesting storyline with many dramatic details where you can immerse yourself in a strange planet alone or you can co-op with friends to fight monsters.

Altogether, it’s a great game with fabulous graphics.

Yeager gameplay


This is a classic rogue-like side-scrolling action game, where you will explore a mysterious tower with Erza vanquishes mutant monsters and defeats bosses to acquire a “Hunter’s License”.

In addition, the game contains core elements of “Metroidvania” and RPG. Although it’s in early access, it might be a little unstable. Still, it looks like an impressively deep adventure with some neat ideas. Also, it sees you working your way through a tower unlocking new skills performing impressive combos, and taking down enormous bosses.

So yeah, it’s a decent game with good graphics.

Tower hunter: Erza's trial


This is a 3D action RPG game based on Mario’s game where you play the role of a plumber. A presumed Mario, in search of a princess peach in the hands of bowser. If I talk about gameplay then the game and the cut scenes are quite similar to Super Mario Odyssey, where you have to complete over 17 stages and face hordes of enemies that will try to kill you.

Also, many powerful bosses appeared in Super Mario Odyssey, so after the victory, Mario and his friends increase their level and also receive lots of rewards.

In my opinion, I really enjoyed this game. I used different attack abilities during the fight and overall it’s a great game with great graphics.

Plumber Bro gameplay


This is a brand new open-world survival game, which looks like a famous game “Last of Us”. So in the game, you have to survive in this wasteland, where the zombies are everywhere. You have to complete different types of quests and gather resources for survival.

The game has a beautiful storyline which is set in the ruins of a city. You can freely explore the open and huge city ruins, craft weapons solve puzzles, and fight with others against powerful zombies.

In summary, the graphics of the game is quite close to console-level which makes this game so awesome.

Fading city gameplay


If you’re looking for a game that has a larger open-world map to explore and is full of adventure and monsters, then you should try Chimeraland. This is an open-world survival craft MMO game where you can hunt ancient strange animals.

The game not only has lots of quests but also perfect scenery and a wide-open fantasy world. The world shimmer land has four continents over nine billion square feet of the map. Where you can explore over land or under the sea. It’s populated with bizarre monsters that you can befriend and tame or mash-up in epic scraps.

Chimeraland gameplay

Also, the game offers PVP as well, so you can wamp on other players if you want.
Overall it’s kind of a survival game, where you have to build your home, gather resources, and fight with crazy creatures. I personally play this game and believe me! It’s crazy amazing!

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