Velkan Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Velkan Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Velkan is the 2nd boss of the Arthetine continent of Lost Ark. Unlike Signatus, Velkan is easy to kill. However, don’t try to solo Velkan if you are not in high level.

Velkan Spawn Location

Velkan spawns at the top-right side of the Totrich area. You will see a lot of mobs around him. This makes it difficult to solo Velkan because the mob keeps attacking players. This is why you need a lot of players there. You can call for help in the area chat. You might not see Velkan when you arrive at the location, in that case, change the channel from the top-right option of the screen.

Spawn Time- Every 30 Minutes

Velcan Location on map

Velkan spawn location

Things you should know before fighting Velkan-

Velkan is easy to kill compared to Signatus but if you are under level then don’t try to solo it. You should be able to solo it if you are at level 50.

  • Headbutt- Velkan uses his head to attack. It does moderate damage and pushes the players;
  • Punches- It is a normal attack. It does moderate damage;
  • Frontal charge- Velkan charges forward but it is easily dodgeable as it will show the line before he charges. It does decent damage;
  • Jump Attack- It does a lot of damage. Basically, Velkan jumps a few times like a frog and deals damage;
  • Always use potions while you are fighting him at a low level because there are lots of mob around Velkan and they will keep attacking you;

If you defeat Velkan for the first them then you will get a chest along with a few good accessories for the lower level. You will get cards, engravings, gears, ability stone as well as a map from the loot chest. Good luck and have fun!

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