wili wili spawn location in lost ark

Wili Wili Spawn Location in Lost Ark

There is one world boss inside East Luterra Continent. If you want some goodies at a low level then you should defeat this world boss.

Wili-Wili Spawn Location

Wili-Wili spawns on the top side of “Sunbright Hill” of “East Luterra”. You will not be able to kill this boss at a lower level so make sure to shout in the area chat for more players. Wili-Wili can become a very annoying boss to fight with. We’ve marked the Wili-Wili spawn location in Lost Ark. Also make sure to always switch between the channel to find the boss because other players might’ve defeated Wili-Wili already.

Spawn Time- In every 30 Minutes

Wili-Wili spawn location on the map
Wili-Wili Spawn location on the map

Here are a few tips while fighting Wili-Wili

  • Wili-Wili uses its scythe to attack players. Normal attack is a slash attack;
  • Look out for Wili-Wili’s spinning attack because it deals a lot of damage. Make sure to use potions when you see him spin or else at lower level you will take a large amount of damage;
  • Wili-Wili also summons mini Wili-Will that uses spinning attack. This attack will not one-shot you but it is a very annoying attack because the mini Wili-Wili will apply stagger on you;
  • Wili-Wili uses his scythe to slash in the ground from the top. Make sure to look out for this animation and try to dodge it because it will hit like a truck at lower level;

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